United Methodist Church : Fill In The Blank

The ask was to design a seeker-to-member journey program that reaches the seeker where they are with the message they need.

We all have an internal dialogue that questions what we are doing with our lives.

We move through our lives, and sometimes it feels like we’re just getting through the day. But even if you have it all (a family, a career, a great Instagram feed) the questions still come: shouldn’t there be more to life than just getting through it? Why does it feel like there’s a blank deep inside that needs to be filled – and why can’t I seem to fill it myself? The people of The United Methodist Church understand this feeling – because we’ve had it ourselves. We’ve found that being a part of the UMC community has helped us fill in the blank in our own lives, and we invite you to discover how it can do the same in yours.

Jamba Juice : Plug In, Jam & Feel The Noise

We were tasked with coming up with a campaign that brought customers all the way through the marketing funnel from the connection to extending into the users life. How do we connect and relate to our customer on their terms.

PLUG IN Be where they are, in the way they are  •  JAM Open up the brand for the most loyal to jump in  •  FEEL THE NOISE Watch and capture the joy spreading

Black Bear Diner : Tame The Growl & Run Wild

The diner was in search of a new agency. We brought them ideas ranging from experiential to playful apps for kids. Black Bear Diner has large portions sizes and wanted to highlight that while reaching out to new customers.

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